Frank Guia





The Wes Anderson Party

The Wes Anderson Party was a personal project born out of exhaustion of typical holiday sweater parties.

Services —
Art Direction, Photography, Print Production


Borrowing visual cues from the 2014 film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, the invitation was designed to be playful and exciting with an element of sophistication.

Going the Extra Mile

Over 40 invitations were designed, stamped, handwritten, and mailed for a holiday soirée celebrating Wes Anderson's iconic film characters. The printed invitations compelled guests to look forward to the event and motivated them to dress up more than they would have otherwise, which was a pleasant surprise.

Rock-Paper-Scissor Tournament

We played a huge game of rock-paper-scissor in which everyone has an opponent at the onset and winners have their names chanted until eventually there are only two players left being cheered on by two large groups of supporters.