Frank Guia





Goods Co.

Done In-House
As Consultant

A cookware start-up dedicated to decluttering kitchen space with a minimalist approach.

Services —
Brand Identity, Photo Art Direction, Web Design

The Brand System

Designed to resonate with people for whom buying organic, responsibly-sourced ingredients is standard. It is reminiscent of an old farm, executed in a clean way to show the company's modern approach to innovative cookware.

Innovative Approach

Three well-crafted and innovative pieces can be used to cook a wide variety of cuisines, all while helping the environment and promoting social responsibility.

Building The Brand

We started with a logo using the letter P. It looks like a cooking pot turned on it's side. That connection makes sense but in practical terms, it's not clear enough. So I tried a variety of P icons and eventually scrapped the idea.

We Tried a Barn Owl

Barn Owls are known in farming as natural predators of rodents. Owls prevent crop losses and also prevent indiscriminate chemical use, preserving ecological diversity.

The Dinner Bell

Dinner bells are used on farms to let everyone know dinner is ready. More importantly, they serve as a call for people to gather and enjoy a meal together after a day of work. A dinner bell is the perfect symbol to represent Proclamation Goods.

The Wordmark

It needed to authentically convey the concept of farm-to-table. In a modern way. So a combination of serif and sans-serif typography felt appropriate.