Frank Guia


is a technical men's clothing brand originally based in New York. Relaunched by


in 2017 with a new visual identity system.

Services —
Art Direction, Photography, Packaging

Inspired by clean lines and silhouettes often seen in metropolitan hubs, Proof is designed with simplicity for a functional purpose. Drawing influence from New York brands like Theory, the Proof visual identity is meant to evoke quality and elegance. The garments are also designed for those who are often transitioning from work to play, reminiscent of modern sportswear.

Scrap The Script

After the initial explorations of a script wordmark, the client decided to move forward with a clean sans-serif direction. Instead of bringing movement into the brand with a script, the gradient was implemented for that purpose.
To visually imply the transitional abilities of the Proof garments, we developed a gradient that is an integral element of the identity. A subtle progression from red to orange alludes to kinetic energy. Heat and motion are the result of an active lifestyle. Proof is designed exactly for that way of life.