Frank Guia





Vacation Rentals

Agency —
King & Partners

Proprietor and manager of privately-owned, luxury vacation rental homes in Central Florida.

Services —
Brand Identity, Digital Product, Art Direction

The Inspiration

The brand draws a visual connection to two of the key elements of a Florida vacation — the warmth of the sun and refreshing feeling of pool water.

The Brand Identity

I designed the updated Jeeves brand with the goal of clearly communicating the company's core offering — luxury homes in a family vacation setting, conveniently located next to Orlando's many attractions.

Color & Typography

The bright color palette and bold typography are designed to emulate the excitement of a trip's first day. Nothing beats the feeling of arriving at a destination, putting bags down, and getting the vacation started.

Digital Art Direction

I worked closely with another designer to bring the brand to life with a responsive site. During development, I oversaw visual QA to ensure consistency between designs and live code.

Content Art Direction

Our team at King and Partners directed a photo and video shoot in Orlando, FL showcasing multiple Jeeves homes. As the on-set Art Director, I oversaw the shot list and visual consistency.

Still Photography: Brandon Schulman
Motion Photography: Michael Canzoniero
Production: Bungalow Entertainment