Frank Guia

Brand identities and content for in-house brands at


, an independent online retailer and magazine for those who love adventure.

Services —
Art Direction, Brand Identity, Photography, Retail

Flint & Tinder

Execution of every creative and marketing aspect, including leadership of a new brand identity system that emphasized the heritage inspirations of the products. The result is a visual language that is authentic and focused on modern craftsmanship with a hint of nostalgia.

"Tell American stories" became the internal mission statement for the brand. Flint and Tinder is a brand drawing on America's hard-working heritage — an honest day's work, pride in one's craft, and a patriotic sense of duty.


Brand identity designed for Proof, a technical men's clothing brand originally based in New York. Repositioned and relaunched in 2017 with a new visual identity system that reflects the product story.

Inspired by clean lines and silhouettes often seen in metropolitan hubs, Proof is designed with simplicity for a functional purpose. Drawing influence from New York brands like Theory, the Proof visual identity is meant to evoke quality and elegance. The garments are also designed for those who are often transitioning from work to play, reminiscent of modern sportswear.

To visually imply the transitional abilities of the Proof garments, we developed a gradient that is an integral element of the identity. A subtle progression from red to orange alludes to kinetic energy. Heat and motion are the result of an active lifestyle. Proof is designed exactly for that way of life.

Wellen Surf Co.

Brand identity update for Wellen Surf Co. as it to re-launched in early 2019. Originally born in SoCal, honed during San Francisco’s Indian summers, and tested on our travels to Montauk, Bali, and beyond, Wellen partners with responsible factories around the world to craft soft, sustainable essentials for sun and swell.