Frank Guia





Dear Cleo

Agency —
King & Partners

An occasion-wear brand for youthful, modern bridal parties, offering dresses made from recycled yarns.

Services —
Brand Identity, Content, Digital, Packaging

I designed the brand identity to reflect a modern service in an outdated space. Thoughtful packaging design brings the brand to life with a personal touch.

Personalized Elegance

The name and brand identity is inspired by handwritten notes and the personalized nature of wedding invitations sent to bridesmaids.

Digital Experience

My colleague Dan Lu designed a digital product that facilitates the experience for bridal parties — optimizing an otherwise clunky process.

Content Art Direction

I provided art direction for photo and video assets to create beautiful, multi-channel content for the brand's launch.

On Location in Bridgehampton, NY

Our team led creative direction for capturing still and motion photography in a private home that felt like a sophisticated event venue.

Photography & Motion: Harrison Boyce
Production: ABC Projects