Frank Guia





Anna Eskamani for
Florida State House

Agency —
Tech for Campaigns

Through Tech for Campaigns, an organization that pairs volunteers with political campaigns, I designed all digital ads for FL Rep. Anna Eskamani's 2020 re-election campaign.

Role —
Volunteer Digital Designer

Digital Motion & Still Ads

The digital campaign effort requires unlimited iteration, which results in hundreds of ads that are constantly tested and optimized. I created multiple visual styles to run and update throughout the campaign cycle.

Staying on Message

While visual styles evolved as they were tested, the messaging largely stayed focused on Anna's priorities rather than attacking her opponent. The candidate's ebullient and charismatic personality is an asset that was brought forward in most ads.

Election Results

Rep. Eskamani held the seat she flipped in 2018 and was re-elected by an even larger margin in the 2020 election.

In case you're wondering whether or not I full agree with Rep. Eskamani's political views, the answer is that my personal policy preferences were not in consideration. Anna's district is vastly different from where I live. My goal as a designer was to support her campaign staff with the intention of securing re-election by her constituents. While I do support Democratic candidates, I volunteered for this project to gain experience in political campaigns.