Frank Guia


is a New York-based eCom apparel company that designs and sells men's clothing, focused on better fit.

Services —
Art Direction, Editorial Design, Print Production

Data-Driven Design Decisions

As a data-driven company, Bonobos often used A/B testing for consumer insights. Mailing two different catalogs generated valuable information for future content. However, this meant twice as much more print production work. File prep included over 100 pages every time catalog was uploaded for final press.

Fall '15 Collection

Shot on-location in Berlin, Germany. Under new creative leaderhip, this catalog brought out the many interesting visual backdrops Berlin provided.

Summer '15 Collection

Shot on-location in Tulum, Mexico. Focusing on the activities around the area, the catalog explored a balance of different photography styles. It included various spreads with local recommendations, depicting an interest beyond menswear.

Spring '15 Collection

After an unfortunate arrangement with an outside contractor, I was asked to step in and execute the catalogs for March and April. In a less-than-ideal turn of events, I picked up the pieces and did my best to improve on the February catalog without departing too much from it. Dark times, folks.

Holiday '14 Gift Guide

Shot on-location in upstate New York over the course of two days. Simple, product-driven approach meant to highlight gifting ideas. The photography was meant to be reminiscent of social media. The theme of the Gift Guide was "20 Gifts He'll Want to Instagram."