The Studio of
Frank Guia

Art Direction & Photography for Bluesmart

Bluesmart is the world's first smart luggage company. As Bluesmart's competition started to grow, I worked with the marketing and product team to further develop and execute on a newly-designed brand identity developed by Red Antler in New York. This involved photography, production, web design, and visual brand direction as a consultant.

Head of Product — Alejo Verlini
Head of Marketing — Ken Li

On-Location Photography

Given the tight budget that comes with a start up, I ended up doing multiple photo shoots where I photographed, directed, styled, produced, and retouched. This was an incredibly valuable experience as an art director because it taught me the value of all the roles involved on set. Todd Rafalovich and Matteo Lovik were cast as models.

In-Studio Photography

Along with lifestyle photography, I shot still life images in-studio. These images were meant to complement the lifestyle images shot around San Francisco and at the airport.