Brand Identity Re-Design for Beltology

Complete re-design of Beltology identity across all digital platforms. This project included still life in-studio photography for web and social assets.

Before & After

I worked closely with the Beltology team on an all out re-design of the brand. The concept was realized internally and I worked on every aspect of the creative execution. I presented a color palette, a variety of typefaces, and layout explorations to the team. The website and social media also required a photo shoot, which I art directed and was shot with the help of James Reddington.

Calculated. Precise. State-of-the-Art. Dependable.

These are some of the words that drove the thinking behind the new visual identity. As we thought through this aesthetic evolution, obviously the name stood out. Beltology literally means the study of belts. Therefore, the visual identity should evoke a feeling of scientific precision. Along with a clean and cold color pallette, an interesting monospace typographic treatment transmits accuracy. I chose a Serif headline font to add a hint of academic feeling.

Photographic Style

In order to show the notion of a scientific approach to belts, the photography should be simple, clean, and have a subtle touch of industrial tones. The light was directed to be soft and full, much like a laboratory would have.