Art Direction & Photography
For Trumaker Marketing Assets

Trumaker is a San Francisco based menswear company specializing in made-to-measure clothing. With a focus to update photography and move the brand forward, I was contracted on a freelance basis starting in May 2016. I was tasked with concepting, directing, shooting, and executing creative assets to work across different marketing platforms.

Production: Chloe Silber
Styling: Carol Yip

As the sole art director and photographer, I had the opportunity to create and execute one single vision.

Given the company's small, start-up size, we had a tight budget of less than $10k to get all photography done. I therefore worked closely with one producer to organize the shoots, scout locations, shoot all the images, and retouch final selects.


The creative direction for the shoot came from Paul Newman's effortless yet iconic style. It was meant to show depict Trumaker as a brand for the man who cares about looking good but does not make that a central theme in his life. He is always engaged and active, not posing for others to notice.


As far as the model went, we wanted someone who would be appealing to a large age range. Someone who could look 50+ in a suit, or late 30s in chinos. We booked David Volz, who fit Trumaker product perfectly and was full of energy. For the bar setting, we were able to get Trumaker employees and friends to be extras in the shots.


This project involved thorough post-production on my end. This included making all image selects, processing images, and retouching.


Our small crew as we shot David in front of a vintage Land Rover Discovery. This was taken on Battery Street in downtown San Francisco.

Props & Stuff

For prop styling, everyone chipped in. I brought books, a flask, camera, an old map, a guitar, and all sorts of things. We had help from others bringing other props such as bags, blankets, etc. Light prop styling added a certain warmth and authenticity to the images.

Still Life

Along with lifestyle photography, still life was also part of the scope. Product images were necessary to compliment on-figure photography used across marketing materials.

Outfitter Experience

An important part of Trumaker is the Outfitter, who is a personal stylist that measures customers and advices them upgrading their wardrobe. I shot a couple of Outfitter appointments with customers in the San Francisco showroom.