The Studio of
Frank Guia

Art Direction for Maide Golf

During my time as a Senior Designer at Bonobos, the founding Art Director of the in-house Golf brand left. The opportunity to take over all creative presented itself and I took it. From that point on, I was in charge of designing everything except the garments. I led art direction for multiple photo shoots, designed a newsprint lookbook, and executed a variety of visual assets.
As a small team of two full-time employees dedicated to the Maide Golf line, we wore many hats. We dealt with very tight budgets, limited resources, and demanding results. I was able to learn a variety of organizational and business skills. The ambitious goals set for a growing brand required me to expand these abilities.

As the first order of business, we created a style guide for visual consistency across all media. Upon auditing the brand, I found that typography was one of the most important aspects in maintaining uniformity. The goal then became to create a document which would meticulously outline typography and usage of all visual elements. This would allow for designers other than myself to execute on creative assets without my close supervision.

On-Location Photography

To create visual assets for the 2016 marketing calendar, we shot for three days in Boca Grande, FL. The shoot yielded a successful and robust collection of photography. We accomplished our goal with one model, a small crew, and a tight budget.

Engaging in a production role, I worked with the Brand Manager to find a location within our budget. Luckily, he found The Gasparilla Inn & Club in Boca Grande, FL. At that point, I developed our pre-production deck with a detailed shot list and visual themes.

We scouted locations on the first day and shot for two-and-a-half days after that. Our crew was lean and we were able to maintain a high-energy, collaborative spirit.

Photographer — Weston Wells
Brand Manager — Ben Wescoe
Stylist — Mac Huelster

Post-Production & Newsprint Lookbook

For this shoot, I managed all post-production with the help of an in-house project manager. We made final selects out of over 10,000 images shot. Due to budgetary constraints, I split the retouching workload with an outside studio. When upper management saw the images shot, its members pushed for a physical lookbook. Under a tight timeline, I created a newsprint catalog meant for wholesale distribution. I designed, presented, and produced the catalog for upload within a few weeks of the shoot. The massive workload was 100% worth the result.

Copywriter — Dennis Blanco