Art Direction for Spring/Summer 2016 Photo Shoot

This shoot is the reason I love what I get to do on an almost daily basis. It was accomplished with one model, a small crew, a tight budget, and the goal of creating visual assets for the entire 2016 marketing calendar. It was a blast.

Photographer: Weston Wells
Brand Manager: Ben Wescoe
Stylist: Mac Huelster


As the art director, I worked closely with the Maide Brand Manager to find a location within our budget and luckily, Ben found The Gasparilla Inn & Club in Boca Grande, FL. Once we locked down the model, photographer, and location, I developed our pre-production deck with a detailed shot list and visual themes.

In preparation, I did some thorough research on possible shoot locations in Boca Grande. Once we landed on a couple places, we planned looks and scenarios to correspond with each setting. Once all pre-production was approved by the internal upper management team, we were good to go.

I brought my camera for scouting and shot these images in black & white.


The shoot was smooth and fruitful since the pre-production work was thorough. We scouted locations on the first day and shot for two-and-a-half days after that. Our crew was lean and we were able to maintain a high-energy, collaborative spirit. The fact that we had a great time as a crew led to amazing photography and energy in the shots.

Brand Tone & Voice

I focused on four visual themes for this shoot. Every scenario we shot was meant to fit within one of these buckets:

1 — We take the game seriously, not ourselves.
2 — The game lives both on and off the course.
3 — Golfers can be superstitious.
4 — Humor in juxtaposing of highs and lows.

Still Life

While all lifestyle image was shot down in Florida, the product still life photography was shot in New York at the Bonobos photo studio. This component was meant to match the lifestyle photography in order to tell a cohesive story.

For example, the Lightweight Highland Pant was shot in the sand, so we mimicked the environment in-studio. The corresponding lifestyle image is below.


I managed all post-production with the help of an internal project manager for this shoot. This meant making all the selects out of over 10,000 images, sending selects to a re-toucher with notes, and actually re-touching a major chunk of the images too. Because of budgetary constraints, the retouching workload was split between myself and an outside studio.

All these images were used to also create a newsprint catalog for wholesale distribution. I designed, presented, and produced the catalog for upload within a few weeks of the shoot. It was a ton of work but 110% worth the result.