The Studio of Frank Guia

Seasonal Catalog Design for Bonobos

Bonobos sends direct-mail catalogs almost monthly as a primary driver of customer acquisition. For about a year and a half, I was the lead designer for the catalog. My purview involved the storyboard, concept, and print production phases of the process. Catalogs are a major undertaking, which means extensive collaboration amongst many internal teams. The distribution list in some instances totaled over a million homes.
As a data-driven company, Bonobos often used A/B testing. Mailing two different catalogs generated valuable information for future content. However, this meant twice as much more print production work. I prepped files for over 100 pages every time we uploaded the catalog for final press.

In preparation, I also worked on pre- and post-production for seasonal photoshoots. Marketing assets were shot once a quarter on-location. To help on-set execution, I worked on pre-production documents for reference. The "shoot bible," as we called it, detailed locations, inspirational images, and other useful information.

Fall '15 Collection

Shot on-location in Berlin, Germany. Under new creative leaderhip, this catalog brought out the many interesting visual backdrops Berlin provided.

Summer '15 Collection

Shot on-location in Tulum, Mexico. Focusing on the activities around the area, the catalog explored a balance of different photography styles. It included various spreads with local recommendations, depicting an interest beyond menswear.

Spring '15 Collection

After an unfortunate arrangement with an outside contractor, I was asked to step in and execute the catalogs for March and April. In a less-than-ideal turn of events, I picked up the pieces and did my best to improve on the February catalog without departing too much from it. Dark times, folks.

Holiday '14 Gift Guide

Shot on-location in upstate New York over the course of two days. Simple, product-driven approach meant to highlight gifting ideas. The photography was meant to be reminiscent of social media. The theme of the Gift Guide was "20 Gifts He'll Want to Instagram."