The Studio of
Frank Guia

Let me tell you a little something about myself.

I'm an Art Director based in San Francisco. Though I was born in Venezuela, I've jumped around the East Coast for most of my life—Miami, Boston, and New York to be exact. I've learned the value of adaptation first-hand, which has allowed me to become increasingly flexible. Both as a human, and as a professional.

Over the past few years, I've worked hard to learn and sharpen a wide variety of abilities. These skills range from photography to front-end development, with plenty in between. Lateral growth has significantly advanced my grasp of creative direction. So let's put that to use, and let's work together.

The Work That I Do

As an Art Director, I work with people who want to shape a compelling and distinctive brand narrative. From brainstorm to execution, I love working on every step of the creative process. Having a single vision allows me to execute on every visual touchpoint with consistency. I hunt for projects that start with a simple idea and grow into to a full-fledge campaign or identity. My goal is to team up with companies that are intelligent, delightful, and honest.

Because I enjoy working on large-scale projects, I don't take small production or optimization work.


A successful engagement is one that results in a distinct, beautiful, and delightful product. To achieve that, the process must be thoughtful and collaborative. It must be a partnership between you and me. Sure, some people would like to hand off their creative work to an agency and that's the end of their worries. Yet, the best result comes from an ongoing dialogue that has purpose at the helm.


With a logical approach, I start by asking the most basic questions. Those answers establish the framework for an effective visual strategy. A comprehensive research stage is critical to understand the values of any institution or individual.

Inspired by research findings, I begin a thoughtful exploration of visual elements. Moving with efficiency, we work together to define a strategy that we both feel is right. Once that's established, I execute on all visual assets as required by the brief. Through an ongoing feedback process, I iterate until we both feel the result exceeds expectations.


An ideal engagement will last 1-3 weeks. It's clearly defined, with goals and benchmarks outlined from the get-go. Longer commitments allow me to immerse myself in the project and give it all I've got.

Brief History

After graduating from Boston University, I worked at a small start-up in Boston. As a "Creative Director," which seems ridiculous at this point. In reality, I was the sole graphic designer. That's what happens when your boss empowers you pick a job title at the tender age of 22. A naïve idolization of Donald Draper didn't help either.

When those shenanigans ended, I landed a job in New York at Bonobos. I plugged away for almost four years in Manhattan. I experienced rapid growth, team turnovers, and many worthwhile lessons. Since I moved on, I have been enjoying the fruits of being an independent contractor.