I believe excellent design inherently solves a problem. Along with creativity (obviously), I believe math can be one of the most valuable tools to any designer. I've found that obsessing over detail leads to long nights but substantially better results. I'm a huge believer in pushing the "why?" in any project—thanks to the homie, Simon Sinek.

After graduating Boston University, I was employed as Creative Director at a small start-up in Boston called Yasso. But let's get real, I was just the sole graphic designer. That's what happens when your boss let's you create your own title at the tender age of 22 and you watch too much of Donald Draper.

When those shenanigans ended, I landed a job in New York at Bonobos, where I worked for almost four years. I've resided in San Francisco since January 2016 and have been enjoying the fruits of freelance employment.

And yeah, you guessed it. I love The Mighty Ducks trilogy. Rookie of the Year is also a personal favorite.

Good chat. See ya out there.